Frequently Asked Questions


Please check the following before requesting resend of reservation confirmation e-mail.

  • Please check the spam folder.
  • Please check mail reception settings (please make sure that you can receive mail from

Please confirm the above and request a retransmission from mail form.

You can cancel your reservation from Mypage.

For cancellation policy please refer to Travel conditions.

Canceling the reservation will receive a confirmation email.

If mail does not arrive within 24 hours, please contact us from mail form.

If you do not receive the reservation confirmation email, we can not receive the cancellation confirmation e-mail.

Please contact us from Mypage.

To change the staying date, after canceling the current reservation, you will have to reserve a new reservation on the day you want.

If you have passed the free cancellation period, a cancellation fee is required.

Please contact us from Mypage.

If it is past the free cancellation period, a cancellation fee is required for the reduction of the number.

If there is a difference in travel expenses due to increase or decrease in number of persons in the same room, we will liquidate it.

can not. Travel fee will be settled at the same time as reservation.

The settlement date is the reservation date. Please check with your payment card company for the withdrawal from the account.

Receipts will not be issued. Please use the card usage statement.

Is possible. Please check each facility details page.

Strict correspondence is not possible.

Please request from Mypage.

We will receive it as requested. However, it cannot be guaranteed.

The front desk of accommodation will correspond from 7 o'clock in the morning.

You can use change rooms and luggage storage areas to prepare for skiing, such as changing clothes.

Early check-in can not be booked in advance. It is possible depending on availability.

can not. Also, if you arrive after dinner, you can not provide dinner.

Please check each facility details page.

Please consult at the reception by the day before the check-out.

Please request from Mypage.

We will receive it as requested. However, it cannot be guaranteed.

The parking lot is on a first come, first served basis (reservation is impossible).

If it should be full, we will show you nearby parking lots at the front desk.

It varies for each accommodation. Please check on the detail page.

Can use either on the day of stay or next day.

Can use during opening hours of the day. Can not use on early morning or night time.

available. You can use all the cableways that cross the ski resort.

We will hand you over at the hotel's front desk.

If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding from the first day, please come to the hotel front desk first.

There are changing rooms in every ski resort. In addition, change rooms are also in the accommodation facilities.

We will guide you at the hotel's front desk(Rental is not included in the price).

No reservation is required for ski set (ski, boots, stock), snowboard set (snowboard, boots), wear (up and down) rental, there are abundant quantities and sizes.

Gloves, goggles, hats are limited in quantity and kind.

Please bring clothing to be worn under ski wear.

can not. It is a waiver and there is no refund.