Travel Conditions (Abstract)

ご旅行条件( 要旨 )

Travel agreement (accommodation pack)

This trip is a trip planned and implemented by UPON Inc. The customer will enter into a travel agreement with the Company. We will arrange to make arrangements and itinerary management so that we can receive accommodation provided by accommodation facilities and other services related to traveling according to our itinerary.
The contents and conditions of the travel agreement are based on this travel condition statement and our travel agreement.

Reservation / To conclude a contract

  1. The travel agreement will be concluded when the Company accepts the conclusion of the contract (transmits the reservation number) and receives the price. ( Settlement is necessary at the time of reservation. Payment at accommodation is not possible. )
  2. Applications of multiple persons shall be deemed to have representative persons as contract managers and have all authority over the contract.

About travel expenses

  1. Includes consumption tax and other taxes. Also, if there is no annotation · description, the adult / child will be the same amount.
  2. "Travel expenses" will be the basis for calculating the amount of "cancellation fee", "penalty fee", "change compensation fee".
  3. Even if we do not use it partly due to customer's convenience, we will not refund.
    In addition, we will charge a predetermined cancellation fee when we change the check-in date, accommodation hotel etc due to customer's convenience.

Cancellation charge (change fee)

Customers can cancel (change) the travel agreement at any time by paying the following cancellation fee.

Cancellation / modification date counted from the day before the first night of stay

Cancellation charge (change fee)

( 1 )Before the day corresponding to day 21 free
( 2 )On or after day 20( excluding 2 to 6 ) JPY 500 / person
( 3 )After 7 days ago( excluding 3 to 6 ) 30% of travel fee
( 4 )The day before check in 40% of travel fee
( 5 )Check-in date( excluding 6 ) 50% of travel fee
( 6 )Cancel after checking in or without contact 100% of travel fee
  1. Deduct the above from the receipted travel fee and refund it.
  2. If the price had changes due to reduce or increase of traveler, we will settle the differece.
  3. Changing the hotel, accommodation date, etc. will be charged the change fee shown.

Our responsibility

When the Company deliberately or negligently caused damage to the traveler, we will assume the responsibility to compensate the damage. We do not take responsibility to compensate for damages caused by reasons such as weather and traffic conditions that our company does not engage.
We will indemnify damage incurred on baggage with a maximum of 150,000 yen per traveler.

Travelers' responsibility

If we suffer damages due to intentional or negligence by our customers, we must compensate for the damage. In making this travel agreement, we must make use of the information provided by us and try to understand the rights and obligations of the traveler and other contents.

We recommend you to take out insurance

To enjoy traveling more securely, we recommend that you join travel accident insurance.

In case of snow shortage

If the reserved ski resort can not glide at all due to lack of snow, stop the tour and refund travel expenses.

Summarized Japanese original text, machine translation by translation engine.